What a great company! Excellent communication, quick service, great benefit options at very reasonable rates. Highly recommend for all salon and spa professionals. Thanks again.

Jannell B.
Sol Spa, North Chatham, MA

Excellent service and benefit. I wasn't able to find anything that has pregnancy leave for my business, so we had to hold off on starting a family. I'm super excited that I actually found a plan that includes pregnancy leave. Gina is great! She walked me through every single little thing that I needed to do. Very trustworthy and honest.

Yeng Y.
Yeng Salon, Green Bay, WI

My family and I have been blessed to be able to use our disability plan for maternity leave. It's simple and easy. Plus with that added income coming our way it has given us less stress at home in regards to paying the rent and other bills. Thanks again.

Doug and Alysha D.
Salon Lofts, Columbus, Ohio

Everything went perfectly well with my disability claim and I received my check quickly! Thanks so much.

Stefania S.
Trouve Aesthetics & Wellness, Bedford, MA

I am writing to let you know my first experience with filing a claim on my policy went smoothly. My doctors office faxed everything over and not one hiccup. It was a very smooth process and it helped to ease my stress levels knowing I had this protection. Thank you!

Paula Clagon Spa, Los Angeles, CA

I so appreciate all of your help over the years and wish you an awesome year. You have been the one and only pleasure to work with in healthcare. This testimonial is much deserved and speaks volumes of your character.

Susie C.
Skin Palette, Cincinnati, OH

Gina, words can't express how thankful I am for Salon & Spa Benefits and you!! Getting this type of coverage for our industry isn't easy to find! You were wonderful and you made the process so easy. Peace of mind is priceless. Thank you for helping me with mine. God Bless!

Lynn M.
Salon Lofts, West Chester, OH

A lot of people think hair stylists can't have benefits, however, your company has solved that issue. Your customer service is excellent and getting coverage was extra fast. I'm definitely going to blog about your company! Thank you.

Marcia C.
Luxury Tress, Newport News, VA

I would like to commend Gina, she was such a delight to have handle my policy for Salon Lofts. As a stylist of 28 yrs, I was apprehensive about finding coverage for short term disability because I felt it would be too difficult to understand. Gina walked me through my policy step by step and made sure that I was comfortable and understood what had been explained to me. I was so happy she took her time to make sure that all my needs were met. My experience with her was without a doubt one of the easiest things I have ever done. Thank you Gina.

Jace G.
Salon Lofts, Fairview Heights, IL

I called Gina to learn more about a disability policy. As a massage therapist of 20 years, I thought it was due time to purchase a disability policy considering the benefits and the unknown future. Gina was extremely helpful in assisting me in breaking down the insurance lingo into layman's terms. She guided me the whole way with such ease, care and patience. She so diligently assisted me from start to finish. She answered all of my questions in a super timely manner and I feel the whole process was digestible and manageable because of her customer service skills. I am going to refer all the massage therapists I know to her. We all need to think of the future and our health. Thank you Gina for your wonderful care. Helpful and wonderful experience. Thank you!

Julia T.
Pom Wellness Center, Miami, FL

I'm so glad I found Salon & Spa Insurance! I was looking for a good disability insurance policy for a long time. As a owner esthetician it wasn't easy to find. This is a great benefit for our industry and they make it simple to understand.  The best options! Excellent service!

Maggie K.
Complexions On Carter Skincare Boutique, St Paul, MN

Everything is easy and very straightforward. Thank you!

Christina M.
Salon Lofts, Kettering, Ohio

From start to finish they provided me with fantastic customer service while helping me set up my insurance plan. All options were explained in a simple and detailed way to help me make the best decision for myself. I am thrilled to have found a company that helps salon owners in the beauty industry have an option for great insurance.

Rachel A.
Throne Hair Salon and Extension Empire, Wake Forest, NC

Gina has been nothing but exceptionally helpful. From start to finish she was very accommodating with my busy schedule while helping me to get my policy set up. I love that this company is very black and white. There leaves no confusion on exactly what you are getting. I hope to spread the word to many professionals like me who can benefit from this coverage!

Ashley L.
Lash by Ash, West Fargo, ND

As a self employed aesthetician, I am so excited to have a disability policy available to me. This is a great benefits program for all salon and spa professionals. Salon & Spa Insurance provides excellent service!

Teri G.
Gentry Aesthetics, Friday Harbor, WA

I'm so happy I found out about this disability policy! Great service and benefits for people in this industry!

LaToya W.
Elite Therapy & Skin Care, Plymouth, MN

Thanks so much for your excellent customer service!!!

Beverly H.
Simply Gorgeous Intl SPA, Snellville, GA

Gina was unbelievable! She picked up the ball and kept everything on track, right to the finish! I was spread thin and she stepped right into fill all the missing links. I am profoundly grateful for her expertise and making sense out of chaos. Gina is a lifesaver! If I could hire her I would! Maybe she wants to move to Jupiter, Florida.

Carlin R.
Renew Consulting, West Palm Beach, FL

Salon & Spa Insurance has been exactly what I've been looking for. The price of disability insurance was so affordable too. Most of all, it gave me peace of mind that my bills would be taken care of if I had to be out of work. They were so helpful with the whole process of getting me signed up and finding a plan that suited my needs. Thx!!!!

Gina P.
Skincare by Gina, Jacksonville, FL

Thank you so much for all the help today. I was so confused with how all the different insurance plans are working nowadays. They had such patience to deal with my multiple panicked phone calls trying to figure this all out and took the time to explain how each plan works and helped me figure out which plan would work best for my given situation. I feel less stressed out and better about my decision that I made! Your help was very much appreciated! Thanks again.

Vanessa D.
Salon Lofts, Clayton, MO

I really appreciated how easy you made the process and how thorough you were. You are very good at what you do!

Diane W.
Joyful Skin, Boulder, CO

Just wanted to send you another huge thank you for holding my hand through the painful process of finding a primary physician. You're a godsend!

Mel A.
Salon Lofts, Roswell, GA

Great opportunity to receive benefits as an independent spa owner! They have been wonderful, patient and took the time to go over and explain everything to me, so I would be completely comfortable with my decision. Bonus: maternity leave and pregnancy complications are covered!

Stefania S.
Trouve Aesthetics and Wellness, Medford, MA

Such a stress reliever to have a policy! Thank you for your excellent service!

Angie L.
Angie Leith, LMP., Lynwood, WA

Thanks for all your help today and with getting me set up with insurance. Thanks so much! 

Molly B.
Skin Oasis, Westerville, OH

Not only do I feel like I ended up with a great plan for me, but they made it easy and took the time to explain it, so that I felt comfortable with the whole process. Highly recommend!

StaceyMarie H.
Salon Lofts, Dublin, OH

I was referred to Salon & Spa Insurance by a friend and am so thankful for the recommendation to this insurance agency. They are wonderful, professional, a delight to work with and are exactly what I was looking for!

David L.
Palm Beach, FL

Thank you so much for all the help. They had so much patience to deal with my multiple emails and phone calls trying to figure this all out as I prepare my claim and get ready to go on a leave of absence. They took the time to help me figure out which forms were needed to be filled out, along with filling out the proper sections. I feel more at ease knowing I had their help and can call whenever I have any questions or concerns! Your help was very much appreciated!

Melissa R.
New Haven, Connecticut

Excellent service for 20 years!

Being able to offer a more complete insurance package was extremely important to us. We have worked with Salon & Spa Insurance Benefits since 1999 and thank them for showing us how we could simply implement great insurance options at our salon. Their expertise in insurance and ability to tailor programs that fit our industry's needs, as well as the increasingly diverse needs of our staff, has set them apart from the rest.

If, like us, you are a business looking to create an attractive insurance benefits package, at no direct cost to your company, and you demand unparalleled service year after year, then we highly recommend Salon & Spa Insurance Benefits. They designed a package that was perfect for our salon, and after almost 20 years they still work hard to satisfy their clients!

Again, we thank them for continually staying on top of our account, making an already excellent service even better! What more can we say?! We are invested in continuing our business relationship into the indefinite future. Salon & Spa Insurance Benefits has been great for us and we wouldn't think about going anywhere else!

Peter Coppola Salon and Spa
Westport, CT

Excellent service for 20 years!

I would like to thank Salon & Spa Insurance Benefits.

With the rising costs of insurance, we, like all salons and spas, were faced with the question "how could we offer insurance at our salon without adding additional costs to our business?" We value our staff and wanted to be able to offer them all the protection they need. We met their team back in 1999 and learned that there was definitely a way we could do this. They provide the type of plans we need for our staff and more importantly they provide the type of insurance they want and ask for.

The advantage of working with them is that they make implementing benefits easy and simple, from educating us on our insurance options to assisting with claims and invoice questions. They are always there when you need them.

Offering insurance through their company has not only helped us, it has also made life better for our staff and their families. They now have choices. Finally, we highly recommend that you consider Salon & Spa Insurance Benefits for your salon insurance needs. They are the best at what they do!

Louis Licari Salon
New York City

This is quality, customer-first service. Thank you for navigating through my insurance needs and helping me find just what I was looking for!

John S.
Salon Owner

Thank you for all your help with my coverage!

Marta Roush Salon
Oklahoma City, OK

Shopping for disability insurance can be hard, but they made it easy!  I am so grateful to have gotten coverage so seamlessly. Thanks!

Julia H.
Corpo Kinetic, Oakland, CA

You were fantastic! Knowledgeable, friendly, and very helpful. Thank you!

Vickie A.
Interior Sports and Leisure Massage, North Pole, Alaska

Perfect, thank you!

Melissa M.
JMAC Hair Salon & Day Spa, Columbus, OH

As a massage therapist, If I hurt myself or get sick, I lose income. This program is exactly what I was looking for; easy to use, great service and excellent benefits. Thanks for all of your help!

Cheryl Bauer, Boulder, Colorado

Thank you so much, I appreciate your help.

Kasandra Z.
Lucky 13 Hair Salon, Columbus, OH

Very easy process, thank you for your service!

Jenny B.
Jennifer Brackett Spa Services, Apopka, FL

Thanks so much for your help!!

Toni. M
Spa Nevaeh, East Brunswick NJ

Thanks you so much for all your help with my policy!

Kyisha R.
Soothing Spirit Therapeutic Massage, Ann Arbor, MI

Thank you for all your help with our insurance needs! You provided many options while explaining them all thoroughly. lt was so easy to understand. The application process was easy too! My mind is at ease now!

Cathy P.
Salon Lofts, Oldsmar, FL

You made the entire process wonderful and were very prompt! I am grateful to have these insurance options. Thank you!

Jennifer B.
Salon Lofts, Cincinnati, OH

You’re wonderful at your job; thank you for walking me through the process. Awesome! Thank you.

Richard S.
Sheeran Massage Therapy, Clifton Heights, PA

Your help and information on health insurance and benefits was excellent! Thank you so very much for being so understanding and informative.

Mark W.
Salon Lofts, Tampa, FL

Thank you so much!!! I greatly appreciate all your help with my coverage!

Leah D.
Studio L Skincare, Cincinnati, OH

Always attentive and very informative. I appreciate the benefits that are available to me as an owner esthetician. Highly recommend!

Dana E.
Zenskin & Brow Bar, Denver, Colorado

My invoice for my insurance from Salon & Benefits is honestly the best bill that I pay. It is truly such a relief to work with a company like yours. More places should have good customer service like you do. Gina, you are the nicest and most understanding person to work with. Thank you!

Heather L.
Coastal Creation Hair and Nail Salon, Depoe Bay, OR

Thank you so very much for helping me with my coverage!

Lavinia H.
It Is Written Hair and Nail Salon, Avondale, AZ

I'm thankful for the great customer service and having an option for peace of mind through their services.

Rebekah M.
Salon Lofts, Raleigh, NC

Great service! Very accommodating to my schedule and needs. Always so helpful!!

Darla K.
Salon Lofts, Fairview Heights, Ill

I am so happy I enrolled into the disability program. Gina from Salon & Spa Benefits was awesome, she walked me through the entire application. I will definitely refer her to my colleagues! Thanks Gina!

Carlie B.
Dollhouse Lash Studios, Smyrna, GA

I was able to use my disability insurance for maternity leave for a C-section. It was an easy and seamless process to submit my claim and in as little as two weeks my claim was processed. Definitely worth the money I have put into having disability insurance. The customer service has been very helpful and quick as well.

Alison L.
Salon Lofts, Raleigh, NC

Everything went well with my claim and I received my benefits quickly! Thank you so much for all your help and for checking in on me.

Kayla W.
Massage Kneads, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

I appreciate all of your work. Thank you!

Anita C.
Salon Lofts, Columbus, Ohio

I received my disability check shortly after filing a claim. Thank you for all of your help!

Megan H.
Megan's Hair & Nail, Willard, Ohio

Great claims experience! Everything went very smoothly and quickly with my claim.

Erin T.
Salon Lofts, Madeira, Ohio

I am very pleased with everything and really appreciate the smooth and easy claims process. Thank you so much for your help!

Christina M.
Salon Lofts, Wesley Chapel, FL

Gina is really great to work with. She responds to any email and question very quickly, solves any issue very quickly and is really nice. She’s helped me set up everything with ease and was sweet to ask how our newborn was doing which I thought was just over and beyond. She’s a pleasure to work with! Highly recommend!!

Abby S.
Salon Lofts, Madeira, OH

I decided to look into disability coverage before the birth of our first son. It’s been one of the best ways to help support my family when I’ve been out of work. Since having this policy, I have submitted 3 claims due to surgery and  maternity leave. Gina has been a tremendous help every time. The process has always been easy for me as well and is a huge help financially as a self employed stylist. Thank you!

Rebecca Delk Salon 
Greensboro, NC