We have been helping salon and spa professionals for 20 years.

Yes, most plans are, however, products may vary by state. Please call us and we will let you know if the plan you are looking for is available in your state.

We are the only company that services and specializes in providing insurance to salons and spas throughout the U.S. We work very closely with you to educate you on your options, customize your plans to fit your budget, and are always here to assist you with claims.

Yes. Some policies may require underwriting, while others may not. Please call us and we will let you know the specifics on the policy you are interested in.

Yes, certain plans are available for your family as well.

Please call us and let us know which plans you would like to add family members to.

Rates will vary according to how each person customizes their plan.

Please call us and we will provide you with a quote.

Yes, everyone can apply for coverage including educators, receptionists and administrative staff.

Whether you currently have benefits or not, we can assist with quotes for all of the plans that we have available in your state. In addition, if you already have insurance, we can assist you with a comparison of coverage and rates. We will educate you on the plans that you would like to learn more about, assist you with applying for coverage and are here to help you with claims too.

Whether you have a benefits department or not we will handle all aspects of your benefits program including researching insurance plans, negotiating with insurance carriers, handling the entire benefits enrollment and assisting with claims.

An excellent benefits program will help you retain your valuable staff while attracting new professionals.

If you currently have benefits learn how you can enhance your existing benefits program and possibly save money too.

No, all benefits are 100% paid for by your staff.

Yes. Please call us and we will assist you.